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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Artisan Teams & Groups/Guilds Goes Wild

Little did we know that my guest co-host on last nights "Artisan Teams & Groups/Guilds" show would run almost an hour over-time! Well, I guess we should have known, it was Blockhead Rod. Admitted Control Freak (there is no patch for this one folks), high IQ, Might Might of a wife who he married two weeks after meeting, and owner of Blockhead Radio Live! Six awesome children, parrot head, workaholic, minister, and former pro-blogger who has evolved into the talented producer of his own 24/7 hit internet radio venue.

Joined by Blockhead Rod's "real" wife Annette a/k/a Huck who knows what she knows and is extremely talented, and his "internet" wife Witchy a/k/a Cassandra who was announced as Blockhead Rod's favorite BHR Host. Well, she should be after all of the history behind their joining forces and the countless hours she now spends working within BHR management for the constant forward motion and momentum that BHR has gained. Besides, who does not love our Witchy...witty, intelligent, creative, strong, and purty too!

Shared were some exciting announcements, such as the new show "Handmade Insider" hosted by the 2 & only Art Fire co-founders John Jacobs (who loves his breakfast) and Tony Ford. Tune in Thursdays 1:30 pm eastern time.

BHR's BIGGEST STALKER Win your own FREE website for a month with all of the bells & whistles, and so much more you will cry!

The Stalkers, an ArtFire Guild has launched, "experience a plus but not required. Training is provided with active membership in this Guild. We seek those with a passion for promoting Artisans and The Handmade Movement."

The evolution of Rod Gambrel from kid, to Army, to bouncer, to truck driver, to pro-blogger, and eventually to master of BHR (or so they let him believe anyway), Rod's expectations are now exceeding his dreams and we all get to go along for the ride 24/7.

Secret: Blockhead Rod has a man-crush on Adam, co-owner of ByHand.Me
Secret: Witchy hates velvet
Secret: Huck is a huge Scrubs fan

Join me next week at BHR for "Artisans Teams & Groups/Guilds" 8pm est. My guest co-host will be AliciaMae Guild Master of Blog Fire.


agoodwitchtoo said...

My side hurts from laughing sooo much! It was an awesome show!

pigatopia said...

I love reading about you guys. The blog is awesome and so are the people who run it.

Huckleberry Arts said...

Stinkin Awesome it was !!
No I am never gonna get sick of saying that LOL I blame it all on Witchy and Rocker !! :D