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Monday, April 6, 2009

~Pay it Forward~ with the Blockhead Radio Charity Sampler Box

These are trying times. I have always said that no matter what you are going through or what struggles you have there is always someone that is going through worse. Sometimes I pinch myself that I am blessed in many ways. Yes, I have had many a challenge over the years, but I have always had the strength to persevere. I heard somewhere that “everyone has a story, don’t judge until you have heard it.”

Giving back or the newer phrase “paying it forward” is something that many of us strive to do. Whether it’s helping your local community or going more global, every dollar combined with more dollars can add up quickly.

As an artist, I am thrilled to be able to pay it forward with the new BHR charity sampler box. This gives me the chance to give back to artists that are less fortunate than I am. It’s a simple thing, really. I have a wonderful stash of fabric that I have been fortunate enough to collect over a few years. It sits there and begs to be made into something lovely. All it requires is a little bit of thought and time on my part to come up with something that will work for the BHR sampler box. I encourage all of you to read more about this awesome cause and then decide what you, as a crafter, can put together for this wonderful cause. Even if you can only submit one or two items….remember…. it all adds up.

I decided to make drink coasters in sets of 4 for the sampler box. They were made with lots of love and from the heart. Here are my first 6 sets going out in the mail to our BHR charity sampler box co-coordinator, the awesome Lily Wrey (whom I lovingly call sweetlips) aka, TulipsTreasureBox.

Please remember that one day it may be you (God forbid), that has a tragedy and may need a little bit of help. As Blockhead Radio’s biggest fan, I thank you in advance. I am sew proud to be a member of this artisan community. A community that is bigger than any corporation and where love is widespread.

Visit the Blockhead Radio Charity Sampler Box's website.

Many Hugs,
aka SewHappyDesigns


Walk in the Woods said...

What lovely coasters - sew pretty!!! I too submitted a little package of sample-size donations and ...


Others who give to the BHR Charity Sampler Box will too!

agoodwitchtoo said...

Such a lovely post, Cindy!

The BHR Charity Sampler Box is going to be full of handmade love.

And yes... I FEEL GOOD!

Been working on my samples too :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet Cindy, such a beautiful and thought provoking blog post. I am sew happy to be a part of the BHR Charity Sampler Box team...what a Pay It Forward this will be!!!

I FEEL GOOD TOO...and will be including some of my handmade, upcycled T-Totes.