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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sabrina Shaheen

Sabrina’s CD, Love Is... is a vocally driven pop CD with various musical genres coming together to create one sound that is uniquely hers. With an imaginative contrast of vocal styling and dynamic aarrangement's, Sabrina is destined to shed new light on contemporary music.

For years, Sabrina Shaheen has touched listeners with the sound of her voice and her dedication to uplifting people with her music. Whether singing in the theater, the symphony, in film or in concert, Sabrina is one of those rare performers whose singing conveys both passionate beauty and depth. Her new album, Love Is... is a powerful expression of her musical vision, one that has been a lifetime in the making.

Born and raised in Michigan, Sabrina has been immersed in music and the arts for as long as she can remember. Starting on her family’s piano at the age of four, at seven, she began formal piano lessons. At the same time, she was studying ballet (from the age of three through college) and would eventually become a member of the Tri-City Ballet Company while in high school. (Sabrina has studied a variety of dance, including ballet, tap, flamenco, modern and jazz.)

Throughout the challenges of her life, music has been, in Sabrina’s words, “a true, loyal friend – the thing that’s never let me down.” Loving various genres of music – hard rock, jazz, pop, classical and dance, Sabrina channeled her love into an intensive program of music study, all with the goal of becoming a performer.

A performer is what Sabrina has become, playing in over ten musical, dance and theatrical roles for the University of Michigan and regional theaters with lead roles in Kismet, A Chorus Line and Peter Pan, among others. She has sung at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall in Detroit and has performed live at Detroit’s legendary Cobo Hall. She’s been a mainstay in the Detroit music circuit, keeping up a relentless schedule of performing her originals and standards at various clubs, restaurants and parties. Her versatility has also earned her voice-over work and even won her the lead role in the independent film “Rage Of Justice.” And in perhaps her most unusual gig, she sang at a private party for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Amidst her dizzying schedule and accomplishments, over the last few years, Sabrina worked on what she calls, “my labor of love,” her new album, Love Is… Produced by Brian Drago and Sabrina herself, the album is a departure from Sabrina’s history of singing jazz. Instead, Love Is… emphasizes Sabrina’s love of dance and ethereal pop, simultaneously recalling Madonna and Enya. Sabrina says, “The more self-confident I’ve become, the more I wanted to get into various pop styles; some with a dance beat, some with a middle eastern sound. To me, it all blends together into my own style.”

Standout tracks include the sultry opening song, “Show Me,” and the album’s title track, “Love Is…” an expression of Sabrina’s vision of what love makes possible for humanity. She expands, “I love the song because it captures what I believe humans can strive for – a kinder level of living for humanity.” “Ecstasy” oozes with sensuality, as Sabrina’s voice weaves a tale of hypnotic seduction that’s utterly irresistible. And the album’s first single, “In My Life,” is the album’s statement of purpose – to follow a dream no matter who or what is in the way.

After years of working to be the best singer, writer and performer she can be, and in a career filled with impacting all whom she encounters, Sabrina Shaheen has reached a peak with Love Is… Her intention to reach people through her music remains as unshakable as ever. She declares, “I want my music to be heard by people all over the world – I’ve been through so much, and I want to share it with everyone.” Given Sabrina’s dedication to her craft and her relentless pursuit of her dream, it seems almost inevitable that her wish will come true.

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