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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mom's Cafe is Rockin the Thirty Minute Mommas!

Last night Myself and Amy over at Mama's Little Monkey's, once again had the amazing pleasure of interviewing 4 totally hot Handmade Mommas on our Wednesday show of Mom's Cafe.

Our first Momma was Christie from Stitch ~n~ Love, which I personally met over in the Cafemom Street Team. She can be found in many places: Artfire, Etsy, 1,000 Markets, and Congo. You can even find her on her blog! Christie and her way cute Hubby Tony are the parents of 6 kids, including a Chipmunk, and a Jaguar! She lives in a stinkin' Zoo!

Christie is a whiz at sewing! I love browsing around her Artfire Shop! She makes adorable boutique clothing, modeled by her very own Chipmunks! One of my favorites is the Custom Twirl Skirt Outfit! Christie said it takes an entire day to create this outfit, and I'm giving her the props she deserves. That is one fantastic sewing accomplishment!

After we browsed around all of Christie's links, we had the opportunity talk to "Meeez Picard" or Paula, from Picard Creative! I have got to admit, I really enjoyed interviewing Paula! She is a great inspiration and help to anyone who wants to sell handmade online! Paula came up with a way to bring people to Artfire by creating the Crazy Train. I really love the way the people over at the crazy train promote other artisans and I appreciate and respect how they are bringing people in to the handmade movement!

Paula's items are really neat and I love the concept! She makes repurposed magnets from old cans, and art collages. My personal favorites are the Pin up Magnets! Oh and not to mention, she even has a magnet up with a pic of me!

Paula can be found on Artfire and Etsy and has a great Blog too! I encourage you to check her out, get your ticket for the Crazy Train (and I have to mention the Train's conductor Larry over at Chelsea Lynn Designs), and take some time to browse around her artfire shop! I have laughed until my sides hurt at the creative magnets she has! Those magnets will make great gifts! I know a few people I would love to give them to!

Elegance by Mode
was our third Hot Mom of the night! Elegance has been around Blockhead Radio for awhile now and also lives in North Carolina along with myself and Larry from The Crazy Train. Elegance was a hoot! She has two daughters one of which is Brittany who spilled the beans on Mom and told us a funny story about her skipping and singing through the shopping mall!

You can find Elegance on Artfire and her blog, and she is on also. Since I have met Elegance, I have loved visiting her store! She has some of the prettiest handmade jewelry I've ever seen! Each piece has been handwoven with love! I must admit, her craft is one I would never have the patience to attempt! I found my favorite piece as I was browsing last night. I have never seen another cameo ever, like her Woven Cameo Necklace. I am personally saving my dollars for that beautiful piece of art! Everything in her shop is amazing! You guys have got to stop by and see what all the talk is about!

The final Mom of the night was Valerie from Kickins Kreations. She has some of the tastiest looking candles I've ever seen! We had a blast going through her shop and throwing links into chat for everyone to drool over! You can find Valerie, everywhere! Really, she is on Artfire, Flickr,, Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter!

We were all taken by surprise when we actually saw a Pickles and Ice Cream Candle! My personal favorite is the Chocolate Amaretto Pie Candle and The Fruit Bowl Candle! Valerie has so many different candles and soaps in her shop! I loved looking around and learning about candle making! She really has a great outlook on selling handmade online and I loved talking with her!

You can catch Mom's Cafe on Blockhead Radio every Wednesday Night at 9pm Eastern Time hosted by Rocker and Mama! Mom's Cafe is currently having a Mother's Day Giveaway check it out and give a great gift to your friend! Thirty Minute Momma is a BLAST, if you would like to sign up to be a future Thirty Minute Momma, here is how to do it! Thanks again for all the Moms we had the opportunity to talk with last night!

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