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Friday, April 17, 2009

"New Discoveries"

HarmonArt is the work of husband/wife team, Brian and Emily Harmon.

Brian is an art teacher and enjoys creating art in his spare time from school. Brian has a BA in studio art education and an MA in studio art photography. Besides his earthenware works, Brian also creates and shows photographs, emulsion transfers, jewelry and drawings.

Emily grew up on a farm with a father who enjoyed growing a variety of gourds. As a result, her family was often left with an abundance of dried gourds with which nothing to do. That's when inspiration struck. Emily began painting gourds as a child and has since developed her own style fluently combining organic forms and geometric motifs. Currently, Emily grows and works on all sizes and shapes of gourds creating unique and beautiful works of art.

Their work is created using a variety of mediums including hand built earthenware, fine craft gourds, jewelry, and more. To see more of their fabulouse art:


Andrewk said...

These guys are really talented, I love their work.
Chainmaille By MBOI

Walk in the Woods said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!