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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Discoveries

On today's show our featured shop was What a cute shop! Jennifer Goode paints Gourd Characters. Both Jennifer & John are Certified Arborists and love the idea of offering their Earth Friendly passions to you on the web. Jennifer loves Gourds and John loves a beautiful log that can have a new life and spending time in his wood lot. They do not harvest virgin timber, they give customers' unwanted trees, new life instead of being destined for a burn pile. They also love visiting antique stores together when they have some down time in the cities we they are doing storm clean up or disaster recovery.

Rod & I both picked out a favorite item. This cute Smiling and Fun Frog Gourd for $12 was Rod's. And the Bobble Feet Fairy Gourd Princess for $15 was mine.
Join me next Tuesday, 7pm eastern time and I will share with you another "New Discovery"!

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jgoode said...

You guys absolutely made my night! Thanks, it had been a long week of trying to play super mom while my husband is out of town doing ice storm damage clean up. I was just thinking that out of 6 kids a girl could get a thanks, but sometimes those come from places you weren't expecting. So Thanks! Now I can put my supermom cape back on and keep going, oh and paint some more tomorrow. Thanks, Jennifer