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Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday Night Features..Infinite Photography with Spirit And Skin

On Friday 04/10 we did a great double feature. Our artisans was Adam from infivision on Artfire and the CD was Spirit and Skin by Judd Starr.

Adam joined us live on the air and we talked about his photography and who he was. The conclusion I came to was that Adam in the ultimate guy. Not only is he a talented photographer, he can write code, restore old cars, weld, cross stitch, rides a Harley, and so much more. Adam is also the creator of (Join us Monday night at 9pm et for all the info on this great site)

My pick from his shop was "Give me a Hand".

Product Description:
One of the most popular up and coming events around, poker has long been a staple for the gentlemen gambler. Played around the country in garages and basements, in smoke filled rooms, and out on the deck on a nice summer night with beer and cigars. Bring this image into your game room and have your own poker night with the boys, or the girls.
8"x10" print.

Each print will be signed and dated on the back by the artist. A custom message can be included if this is a gift for a special person in your life.

His scope of photography ranges from macro to landscapes. It is well worth you time to browse his shop and purchase some of these wonderful prints. Most are limited editions so do not delay.

The other half of my feature was on the latest CD by Judd Starr Spirit and Skin.

Recipe: 1 Part Retro Rock, 1 Part The Bravery, 1/2 Scoop of Duran Duran. Mix, Bake and Let It Rise. That is the description of this CD.

As Judd states, “With Spirit and Skin, I whole-heartedly focused on what I wanted to say both musically and lyrically. I didn’t want to write about boy kisses girl, boy loses girl, boy sad. That’s been done enough.” And indeed, the album displays an uncommonly smart and incisive perspective on modern American life. “What If I’m Fine” is an indictment of a culture where everyone is taught that there is “something wrong with them,” and the answer to their problem is only a pill (or a product) away. “We haven’t evolved much from the snake oil salesmen who sold magic in a bottle from a wooden wagon,” says Judd with a knowing laugh.

“Borrow You,” a song that Judd says was the most cathartic for him to write, deals with the absurdity of consumer culture in Los Angeles and its obsession with material objects. Judd’s lyrics are sharp and penetrating, but with an added layer of compassion. “I’d always wanted to write a song like that, but it was difficult not to be preachy,” he recalls. And the title track, “Spirit and Skin,” conjures the battle between the soul and the flesh and the occasional human desire to escape, not from a place but from our own selves.

Musically, the album is pop in the best way...well crafted, catchy and memorable, a reminder that music doesn’t have to sound unmelodious in order to be “real.” Judd explains, “The most difficult task in music is to write a concise, meaningful yet relatable song that compels a person to sing it and want to keep listening to it. If that’s ‘pop’ music, that’s what I want to be, whether it’s considered cool or not.”

Grab your copy of Judd Starr's Spirit and Skin here.

Thanks to all the listeners that joined me. This upcoming Friday Night Feature is going to blow your socks off too. Be sure to join me Fridays and 8 p.m. et for Blockhead Rod's Friday Night Features.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Sorry I missed it ... I guess not having access to the BHR player one of the downsides to spending time in paradise. :) But hey ~ there's always *this* Friday!