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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Planning ... In the Garden

Today “In the Garden” we invested our hour together discussing some basics of planning your garden ... for garlic and tomatoes, thyme and kale ... and for what you grow in your garden of life.

I asked you, kind listeners, a number of questions in today’s show, and I hope that you will sit with those questions, let them germinate and take root within your being before jumping to shallow answers. After all, shallow answers rarely set deep roots. 

I asked what kind of garden you wanted to grow. Do you want a garden that fills your belly and nourishes your body? Do you want a garden that gladdens your heart, calms your nerves and lifts your spirit? Do you want a garden that is sustainable over multiple generations, a garden that you can share with your children ... and their children ... and so on? My key point in this questioning is that all those gardens can come together as one, because they are one.

I shared a little of my experience about starting seeds indoors and touched on the same outdoors. We’ll delve deeper into that next week when I share more about the seeds and sprouts that I’m experiencing here on my little plot of earth.

We also talked of organic methods, mulching, compost, pest control and the value of using seeds grown for your region. What I neglected was frost dates for your region - knowing when the last frost is anticipated and when the first frost is expected, for these little details support much of the planning that goes into setting your plants outdoors, getting them into the earth and planting seeds for late autumn harvests.

Oh, there was more, but I suppose I would ask you, whether you heard today’s show or not, to take with you the life-fertilizer that I use every day. The fertilizer that I opened the show with. It is the greatest fertilizer in my garden of life. It is the fertilizer of gratitude. It is the fertilizer spread by two little words: Thank you.

Thank you for joining us all here at Blockhead Radio and for joining me In the Garden. I hope you’ll check in next Thursday at 11:30 AM, eastern time for our show, ‘What’s Sprouting.” Until then, be well by Nature!  



glutenfreegirl said...

You write and speak SO beautifully!! Love to tune in, even if I never plant a thing more than tomatoes! :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Thank you. :) And the tomatoes thank you too!