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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BlogFire Lights Up BHR

AliciaMae, Guild Master of the BlogFire Guild on ArtFire was our guest co-host at Blockhead Radio Live (BHR) last evening. Her team dominated the chat room, as we discussed the nitty-gritty of this awesome blogging guild.

Bloggers on Artfire - "we blog about crafting, art, and selling online. We're on twitter too" says AliciaMae...admited control freak. However, it is only because if she does it herself, then she has no one to blame for any mistakes. Awwwww!

In addition to her eclectic artistan interests, Alicia works from home as a full-time editor for mostly technical science publications. From the White Mountains of New Hampshire where she finishing her PhD, Alicia enjoys the peace of a lifetime living with and around creative others.

"Woodburning was passed down to me from my Mom and I have always had an affinity for paint. Cross stitching was a hobby when I was a teenager and bracelet weaving was a summer camp hobby that brings back nostalgic memories. I used to play with polymer clay and always enjoyed the miniatures my aunt made for herself. Given that information, I have about 20 years experience in making these items, but am constantly expanding my horizons."

Approximately 60 members and growing, it was a joy to reunite with Alicia after a long time of being teammates on another venue.


~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Awesome write up Lily...wish I could have attended the was McStevie's birthday and we had a different evening planned!

I hope it ends up in the archives so I can listen...hint hint Rod.


AliciaMae said...

I had a great time during the show! I always enjoy talking about my peeps :)