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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Froggy Rocker, Mama and Big Announcement...

What? You weren't there this past Wednesday at 9 pm to hear me, Mama Possum and Rocker gab about blogs and our overall awesomeness? WELL! You will be fined two points from the biggest Stalker contest! Okay, I suppose we'll forgive you. Just remember the golden rule...there is to be NO discussing of "Lost" with me until I have seen it!

IF you missed our little show, you missed a very froggy Rockerchic and I chat about blogs and how to use them for your business. Here are a few key points:

Use widgets and tools to your benefit! Such as:
Those are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more.

Also discussed was the cardinal sin of blogging, (particularly if you use Entrecard), NO AUTO MUSIC!! We cannot emphasize that enough! HUGE turn off for your readers, and a big no-no if you use Entrecard.

Do remember WHY you blog, if you blog personal stories, remember that if you are using that blog for business, EVERY reader is a potential customer and what you blog about can either hurt or help you. Try to avoid personal rants, complaining and NEVER EVER bad mouth another artisan. That's just bad mojo. :)

And do not miss next week's Mom's Cafe! I have a prior committment, but the lovely Witchy will be stepping in for me for more nonesense, mom/artisan info and fun!!

Have a great day!!
~~Amy the Possum

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great break down of the show mama!

I so hope my voice is back by next show!

And I've got something special up my sleeve!