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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thirty Minute Momma on Mom's Cafe

So naturally when two great minds meet, spectacular things happen! What else would you expect to happen when Rockerchic and Witchy just happen to make magic together?

Tonight we had a great idea! A two hour show with four moms, 3o minutes each. We called it the Thirty Minute Momma Show. We got to talk to some great moms with some great handmade items!

First we had the great opportunity to speak with Sara of Love To Stamp. You can find her on Artfire and Etsy. She really is a sweetheart! And we got to see some stinkin' awesome stuff in her shops! My personal favorite was this "Zany Green Monster" When I asked Sara "What advice would you give other Moms who want to do what you do?" She simply said: "Just Do It" And personally, I think it's great advice! Just do it, just have faith in yourself and do what you love to do!

Our Second Momma was Little Lovlies. You can find her on Etsy and Hyena Cart. She is a mom of two with an adorable model in her pictures! She is currently running $0.01 shipping on her boutique flip flops in her shop! I know Witchy and I have already picked out matching pairs! She is a great artisan with such a wonderful personality! I really enjoyed talking to her about what she does! When I asked her what her favorite items in her shops were she told me about her "Upcycled Creations". She actually takes clothing that is still in great shape but second hand, and turns it into the most adorable "new" clothing! I'm all about repurposing so this really hit home with me! I'm definitely digging the upcycled creations (Oh, and totally gonna rock those flip flops on my Sasquatch feet)!

There was a new kid on the block called B A Kid Again can be found also on Artfire and Etsy. We had so much fun looking through her shops! I found everything I wanted for my Tree this holiday, and some soap, and foot goo too! She told us a really cool story about a lady's husband buying out all of her foot goo at a show she did because his wife was so happy with it! Now that my friends, is love! You also have to check out her Glass Globe Ornaments! I found one I'm really fond of! She says they are all made from fabric, on the inside of the globe, with Glow in the Dark Glitter! How awesome is that? I loved checking out the many, many things in B A Kid Again's shops! I have to say, I'll be back there soon! Not to mention what a fantastic person she is too!

Last but not least we had our very own Momma, Huckleberry Arts. Huck is definitely a great artisan, Momma, and wife! How do we know? Oh, we just know! She actually did tell us a great definition of Primitives and Rustic. I honestly had no idea it was such a detailed and interesting form of art! Not to mention she is a great person to talk to! We had a blast laughing and talking and making jokes! I can't wait to be on air with her again! Oh, and Witchy too.

I did miss my Monkey during this show, but hopefully she'll be back in time for the next one! Where we'll talk about.... Well? It's a surprise! So, you'll just have to tune in to hear it!


Huckleberry Arts said...

So "Stinkin" Awesome the whole show was lol Really Enjoyed the Chocolate covered bacon :)

The show rocked and I am so sorry for getting You and Witchy sidetracked no not really was lots of fun!!!

Thanks for a great show and Thanks Witchy for the time co hosting!

You both are so "Stinkin" Awesome!!


Anonymous said...

I had a Stinkin' Blast!

I do apologize for keeping everyone up so late! I get sidetracked when I'm having fun!

agoodwitchtoo said...

What? I'm sorry... The thought of Chocolate covered bacon distracted me from completely reading this post.

I'm sure the post is stinkin' awesome :)

sara said...

I had a blast. Thanks for having me on. I wish I coulda heard the whole show but I had to leave since my son had a nightmare

Anonymous said...

Witchy giving a kid nightmares?

Or maybe he ate too much chocolate covered bacon?

Unfortunately I was not there to enjoy the stinkin fun or stinkin awesomeness, however I can imagine!

Y'all give me happy, joy, joy...


Anonymous said...

Just in case you don't have any idea what we're talking about here in comments....

Then you have to listen to the show next week....

We have stalkers, choc. covered bacon, and Stinkin' Awesome listeners!

Yeah really!

Little Lovlies said...

Thanks for having me on the show. It was a blast. I'm still dreaming of chocolate bacon.

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Im so sad I had to miss it but glad it gave you guys a chance to rock it out!!