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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moms' Cafe...with Chris Huff surprise!

So, if you missed last night's edition of Mom's Cafe, I can't say we necessarily helped your time management skills any....but you did learn intimate details of leg shaving, pig chasing AND you got to hear Chris Huff sing Happy Birthday to a listener in chat!!

That is not your typical radio show to say the least! Come on, Chris Huff singing? Show of the year, I think! If you were digging Chris's little diddy, hop on over to his BLOG and share some love!

To prove that we really did have a goal and topic last night, here are some tips on time management:

*Use resources to save you time and energy, such as where you can create a blog entry and once it's complete, immediately post it to twitter AND your own personal blog! Talk about timer saver! You can also use your URL (for example, in your promotions to send everyone to the ONE link that has ALL your other links!! Again, huge time saver (not to mention tree saver--less business cards to hand out!)

*Find solutions that work for YOU! While making lists may work for some moms, they are not quite so handy for other moms. Perhaps you are a note taker, color coded file folder kinda person. Or perhaps you survive on massive amounts of post-it notes? Maybe you just keep it all in that uber talented brain of yours? Either way, don't let others tell you the PERFECT way to do it, because if it doesn't work for YOU, then it's not perfect!

*HAVE FUN! If your work (whatever it may be!) is not fun, then perhaps it's time to find a new creative outlet? Granted, we cannot all have the funnest job ever (which is...??) but you should at least ENJOY your work and find pride and self worth in matter what it is. You get OUT Of life what you put IN that should be your goal every day!

*Remember to let some things GO! If you are a parent you know your children are only young once and do you want to remember this time as a super stressful time? Put down the computer, turn off the phone and go play with your kids! Chances are good whatever you are working on will still be there when you get back and you'll see the world did not spin off it's axis.

And on that note, I'm closing the laptop, signing off Skype and going to take my munchkins OUTSIDE into the beautiful day!!

Thanks for tuning in to Mom's Cafe, and come back EVERY Wednesday night for more tips, laughs, and possibly more pig chasing stories....

Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern!

Bring yer mama and dem!

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