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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Artisan Teams & Groups Co-Host RockerChic

Last evening at 8 pm est, Kristie, the one and only, incredibly talented, shamelessly funny, and deliciously one of kindest in thought and deed persons that I have ever had the honor of getting to know, was my guest co-host on the Artisan Teams & Groups Show.

We learned that Kristie is the fearless and never ruffled leader of the Cafe Mom Etsy Team, or CEM, as they lovingly call themselves. With more than 260 members, and just two co-leaders.

Working full-time in retail merchandising has been an inspiration in how she is able to present a unique view of selling, as well as arranging her trade/craft show booth, while overseeing the CEM team, her own etsy shop, a rambunctious young daughter, husband, and a goat they affectionally call Oreo.

Kristie manages to keep her ilfe in perspective.

Following about a year long conversation with other etsy members, Kristie felt her heart speak of the need to form a group simply to help other Mom's to enter the world of online selling, promoting, and human support. For her, this is a hobby. In my opinion, a true way of Paying It Forward!

Cafemom Etsy Moms Street Team Mission Statement: Our goal is to be the best Etsy sellers and crafters we can be, individually and as a group. We strive to learn together, and grow together. We promote each others shops and crafts. We come together from all walks of life with one common bond: Motherhood.... As different as we all are... we have all held a child in our arms, wiped away tears, and wished we were the ones hurting instead! We know what it's like to have your heart walk outside our bodies... And through our bond, we put our differences aside and come together to promote handmade, "mother-made" goods.

Kristie grew up in a household of self-sufficiency where they made their own clothes. For this, and her spunky, strong sense of self-esteem, she was teased at school. So consider this bullies, just look at her now! Don't you mess with our Rocker cause Charlie will be certain to "nip" you in the bud, bud!

And lest we forget, Mrs. Rocker won last weeks weekly Artisan's Challenge, and is currently in 1st place over all of the other entries that placed 1st, and is headed straight to the finish line with this awwwwdorable, Halloween costume dress:

Please, head on over to Blockhead Radio Live, click on the player to listen to totally awesome independent, self-representing music artists on this 24/7 venue. Then scroll to the bottom of the BHR page, click on the big challenge box, click on weekly challenge, then click on weekly challenge once again to vote.

And while you are there, check out how to purchase your very own Radio Commercial for the sale price of just $15!

~Lily Wrey Designs at Tulips Treasure Box

Have a beautifilled everyday!


agoodwitchtoo said...

Awesome show! Rockerchic is a lovely person and the Momers are a fun bunch!

Anonymous said...

Oh what an awesome write up you've done here lilly!

I had a BLAST talking about my little group of moms... (you know... the group that plans on world domination... little ol'us)

I am so glad I had the opportunity to explain a little of the method behind CEM's Madness....

And as always... I'm loving me some bhr... You guys are awesome to even ALLOW us to tell you and your listeners about our lives, goals, and groups!

Thanks you guys! Your the best! *hugs to you lilly, for a great interview!

Walk in the Woods said...

Fun show! Moms are the most honorable of two-leggeds that I know ... and it was nice to learn about and get to know the CafeMoms!

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for you beautiful comments and compliments!



glutenfreegirl said...

It was great!! AND the Cafemom Team has a HUGE announcement! We are now open to ALL handmade selling venues!! So come one and all!