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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dare Dukes and Candle Guy

Last night on Blockhead Rod's Friday Night Features we played Prettiest Transmitter of All by Dare Dukes and share with you the artisan candleguy821.

Before we can play any music let's set the mood.

Candles by Donald. I make and sell scented and non-scented palm and paraffin wax candles. I make only a few candles each day in my outdoor studio. I think it has been 4 years of selling candles and about 5 years of making them. Do not be shy, please contact me with your candle questions. I like to communicate with people to talk candles.

My pick for listening to Prettiest Transmitter of All by Dare Dukes is:


Candles by Donald is offering a 3 inch diameter X 4 1/2 inches tall palm wax pillar candle. The candle is scented with the very popular fragrance “Dragon’s Blood”. You may have smelled this fragrance while shopping at a new age store or herb shop. This scent described as an oriental blend of orange, rose, and carnation nestled on a warm dry down of patchouli is exotic as well as mystical. The candle has good throw both hot and cold adding a presence to the room. The scarlet color is brilliant, adding to the beautiful feather pattern exhibited by this blend of palm wax. It is a one pound great smelling candle. The photos show a stunning scarlet candle, commanding as a dragon should be. I can assure you all that no dragon’s were slain or harmed in any way during the making of this candle.

Now on to the Music.

Last night we featured Prettiest Transmitter of All by Dare Dukes. The songs that make up Dare Dukes´ new album, Prettiest Transmitter of All, are a striking combination of incisive intelligence and sweet, doleful hooks. Looking past the shiny surfaces of American life, the Savannah, GA based singer-songwriter chronicles the everyday world, mining the margins for the eccentric characters and bizarre events that are the heart of his music.

Born and raised in the
exurb of San Jose, California, Dare grew up as the state blossomed into what he calls, "exit-ramp culture" a maze of smoked-glass franchises and cookie cutter subdivisions that took root along the vast network of interstate freeways. "Everyone knows the cliches about suburbia: It's a stark, sanitized landscape, pretty much soulless," Dare explains. "No one needs to remind us of that. I'm more interested in the poetry I see there the weirdness, the anomalies, the resistance. Even in this unlikely grid you can find courageous people and precious things."

From Sam's Cathedral to The Equipment is fine Dare created a CD that will both inspire and entertain you.

Buy the CD

Thanks for tuning in and we'll see ya next Friday when we will feature a new Cd and Artisan.