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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Remember

Blockhead Radio is an open to everybody. Artisan or not. Our mission has always been "exposing artisans to the world" and we do it in the most entertaining way possible. BHR does have some 'rules' in place:

# No Politics.....really now don't ya get enough of that elsewhere.
# No whatever name you say or if you say no name at all.
# No Calling Out any Person/'s suppose to be fun remember.
# Keep it Kid Friendly......words do slip and innuendos made but please remember this one.

We will remind anybody if it does happen, but if it becomes a problem we will ban you from BHR. We are not trying to control your 'freedom of speech' or anything like that but it's our station and if ya wanna play you gotta play by our rules.

Our Philosophy

If you don't have something nice to say....don't say it or type it.
Life has enough stress in it already. If there is a person or site that just rubs you raw.....ignore them and don't respond to them. If I don't like somebody I just don't associate with them in any way shape or form. Now don't get paranoid if I haven't said your name or said 'hi' lately....refer to the next section.

If we have an issue with you we will contact you.
That's right. We will contact you by email, phone, or face to face. If something has happened that we need to talk about we will talk to you about it. We do not take our problems public.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled fun....that's right let's have some fun.


mamaslittlemonkeys said...

Ay'aye, capn...

mmm I miss rod and his morgan.... :)

Anonymous said...

I think these are all fantastic and easy to abide by!
Thank you for thinking of us!