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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Want Some Extra Stalker Points Today?

Want to pick up some extra BHR stalker points. Our good friend Chris Huff started a blog and we are going to send some followers his way. Chris is a great husband/dad/musician and is a good friend of BHR. So go check out the HuffMusic blog. You will be happy you did. He has some projects lined up for it.

CHRIS HUFF: Death And Texas LP

Buy the CD

Another great way to pick up some points today. We have a new show starting today. Learn with Lake. Lake is a health coach (and trust me some of us here at BHR could really use her help) and she will be cover some great topics. Her show debuts at 2 pm eastern time today and will be on every Wednesday at that time. See you in chat.

Have a Great Day,
Blockhead Rod