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Friday, April 10, 2009

What's Sprouting In the Garden

Yesterday's show, In the Garden, was centered around methods for starting seedlings indoors and some of the varieties of vegetable plants that I'm starting. Of course, my choices are contingent on my growing zone as well as experience with my chosen varieties here in southern New England. Your choices may well be very different, and working with a seed company that caters to your region will serve you best when making your own choices.

It's great fun and very satisfying, not to mention super cost effective, to start your plants from seed. Certainly, there is effort and care involved, but it is worth it. If you compare the price of a packet of seeds, which may serve your purposes over 2-to-3 years of growing , to the cost of purchasing a "set" of (6-9) plants or even a full "flat" of (48-72) plants, you'll see what I mean. Here in my neck of the woods, the cost ranges from an average of $2.00 for a packet of seeds, to the same $2.00 for a "set" of plants, to $17.00 for a "flat" of plants ... and if you pause here to consider the cost of purchasing the resulting produce at market, you can begin to see just how cost effective growing your own can be! Not only that, but it is an enjoyable, healthful, hands-on educational and empowering experience for the whole family! So, get sprouting!

Oh, I could go on, but I have next week's show to prepare, when we will be welcoming Helen Bartholomay of! She will be sharing her story and experiences around creating her line of handcrafted, non-toxic, earth-n-garden friendly cleaning products - just in time for your spring and fall cleaning - depending on your hemisphere! How exciting is that?

So be sure join us again In the Garden next Thursday at 11:30 AM, eastern time. Until then, be well by Nature!


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I'm SO glad it's finally Spring!!