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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Creative Animal Relief

This week it was all about pampering the pooch! We discussed the spa like resorts available for doggie (and kitty) day care or boarding. There are many of these ultra pampering resorts popping up all over the country, so no matter where you live or are visiting, your pet can have the best!. Your pet can have a regular room, which isn't all that "regular", or a sweet to relax in, complete with a brass bed and web cam for owner viewing, they even get a nightly tuck in service, complete with a snack and a scratch.

Of course, as with human spas, you can pay for many "extras" to make your pets spa visit grrrrrrrrrreat!

Even without the little extras, the environment and amenities in these pet spa palaces, are nothing, if not glamorous. They have extra large sleeping areas, top of the line agility training equipment, park like settings, including plants and even waterfalls, not to mention piped in music, televisions, even windows with bird and fish viewing for the cat guests.
Check you local yellow pages for a pet spa in your area the next time you want to pamper your pet!

The No Speed Limit Highway was all about Bach Flower Remedies; Bach Flowers are used when a dog's mental condition needs to be changed. Certain essences, prepared homeopathically, can treat emotional problems. Bach Flower Remedies can often be used when there is a high stress level within the dog's house and she is having physical symptoms because of it. A large amount of stress in your dog's life can result from car accidents, dog fights, fires, etc. If it would stress you, it most likely will stress your dog.

There are 38 Bach Flower remedies, each corresponding to specific emotional states. If more than one remedy is needed, you can combine up to four of them.

Preparing Bach Flower Remedies;
* Remedies come in small bottles
* Take 2-3 drops from bottle
* Put drops into 1-ounce dropper bottle
* If you have more than one remedy, take 2-3 drops from each
* Fill bottle with distilled water
* Shake bottle 108 times (a principle of homoeopathies)
* 2-3x a day, put dropper full into dog's water, food, or directly into her mouth.

Bach Flowers are available at health food stores. To understand what each remedy is used for, read the bottle or go to your local bookstore. A number of books are written about Bach flowers. Luckily, there will not be any negative effects if you pick the wrong remedy. If you select the proper one(s), you are likely to get positive results.

We will be broadcasting live on April 19, from the Greyhound Pets of America, Tampa Bay Chapter 8th Annual, “Run With The Big Dogs” charity event. Gena will actually be participating in the poker run, while Shannon will be manning a booth representing CAR, EFA, and her own company, pigatopia.

*Sahara Rain, the up and coming Swiss Rock Band, donated their first cd to CAR because they love animals too! Since their desire was to raise as much money as possible for our animal charities, we set up the sale of this cd as a silent auction. When last checked, the highest bid was $25.50! Although the contest ended on the April 9th at midnight, due to some construction traffic we have been delayed and re-routed! No worries though, after the CAR is out of the shop, the fender is fixed and we get a spit and shine, buff and conditioner, we will get right back on the road and drive the winning bid on over to help the animals! So....expect us to map it all out for ya next week!

On the first of April the first ever quarterly charities were randomly picked from the eligible entries, and the winners were;Noah's Ark, Second Chance Doxie and Andes. We've already discussed Andes charity and Noah's ark, so today we will focus on 2nd Chance Doxie, which was chosen by CAR member, Mammamardee. Second chance doxie began in 2006, and they are a small rescue, only dealing with about 4-5 dogs at a time. They say that they just don't rehome dachshunds, they nurture them mind, body and soul. They provide all the care that the rescued dachsunds need medically, behaviorally, and physically, until they find a forever home for them. They use foster homes with a low-dog count to help love these dogs until their forever home can be found. Located in San Diego, they only provide for adoptions in that county so that they can make sure all the humans are perfect for their rescued dogs. You can read more about them on their website

-Remember, if you are not a member of CAR, you need to be! Membership is free and easy. If you love animals and want to help them, check us out at Our site is growing, which means changes too, so be patient with us as we map out the best routes to drive the money to the animals!

Next weeks show is slop. Nuttin' but pigglie wiggly slop I tell you! lol. Okay, so we are gonna talk about pigs. Big pigs, little pigs, pink pigs, black pigs, oinkin pigs, talkin pigs, pigs of all kinds. Did ya get that the show is about pigs? lol We'll even have Shannon from and Lynn from Noah's Ark, a rescue sanctuary, and one of our chosen quarterly charities as our special guests!

This section is dedicated to charitable requests. This weekly section will list various non-profit animal charities that are in need of funds and/or products for upcoming events. All members are encouraged to review these requests and to help where they can!

If your group, or a group that you know of, has a special event or need, please visit and click on the charitable request form. We also post private need requests on other venues, so fill out the request form for any and all animal related needs. Once filled out, we will review your request and place it here, on our website, on our yahoo group page, or maybe even mention it on air! (we reserve the right to decline to advertise any event that does not meet our requirements). We want to organize all financial requests so that our members are not overwhelmed, so we have created guidelines for publication of these events. This area is dedicated to the 501c3 large events.

** Petsmart operates a few different charitable programs, one of which is the Relief wagon. This program can be activated for natural or man-made disasters affecting 350 pets or more. Program volunteers and supplies will be managed on site by the nonprofit organization, Healing HEART Sanctuary. To Volunteer For the Emergency Relief Waggin' Program during a disaster, contact Laurel Ley with Healing HEART Sanctuary at
They are currently sending an Emergency Relief Waggin' trailer stocked with at least 16 tons of much-needed pet food and supplies, as well as a back-up trailer loaded with essential care items for pets and their rescuers, to North Dakota in light of the recent flooding. Their assistance was requested by officials w the North Dakota State Board of Animal Health. Initial reports indicated that apporx. 1000 animals could be affected by this disaster so they doubled the amount of supplies that they typically would . They even have a third vehicle on standby in case it is needed, which it may be because the the National Animal rescue group, who is also helping out in this area, estimate that OVER 3000 animals may be in danger d/t the flooding. You can help this group help the animals by visiting; or you can call 866-988-9111 ext 104 or 888-986-4483

**Founded in 1996, The Snuggles Project is a wonderful way to help pets in shelters. Thousands of homeless pets have received a little comfort in the form of a Snuggle since this project began. Because shelters house their pets in wire cages, many pets have only newspaper to lie on. A Snuggle is a warm, cozy pet-sized blanket you can make for them. If you sew, knit or crochet, you can become a part of this international project. The website features lists of patterns for knitters, crocheters and people who sew. It also has links to shelters all over the world. You can find shelters near you that accept the Snuggles. If there is not a shelter close to you listed, simply offer to donate your snuggle to your shelter. i am sure that they will be happy to accept your donation, then you can tell them about this project and they can check into signing up!

Don't worry, even if you aren't a crocheter, knitter or someone who sews, you can sew a simple Snuggle by hand. Just take a piece of heavy fleece material or fake fur and cut it in the sizes listed on the website. You can do a simple whip stitch or blanket stitch around the edges or just leave it without edging. If you can sew a simple straight stitch, you can make an even cozier Snuggle by putting two pieces of flannel or fleece together and including a layer of batting inside. You can even use old towels inside two pieces of material instead of batting. Then you are recycling as well. If you'd like to know more, visit their website at

*SASHA Farm Sanctuary will soon be holding its annual silent auction.The deadline for donations is quickly approaching, so anyone that can donate, please have them in the mail so that they arrive by April 4. That way they will have time to make bid sheets and displays. If, however, you are running late, they ask that you still send your item. If you offered to send something and find that you can't, please let them know so that they can update their list. For questions about donations, the sanctuary, or the mailing address please email Sarah at You can learn more about this group on their website You can view pictures of their animals at

*The Atlanta Animal Welfare Committee will be holding an art auction/exhibition to raise funds for free spaying/neutering/vaccinating of pets for neighbors in need. They need donations of pieces of art or design to be auctioned off in Atlanta, GA from April 1- 28. The opening will be Saturday, April 4 from 7-9 pm. The artist will set the minimum suggested bid and The bidding will remain open throughout the exhibition. Donations are tax deductible too, so, if you are interested in donating contact Felicia Holden at animalwelfarecommittee

*The Southern California association for miniature potbellied pigs (SCAMPP) has asked us to relay an urgent request for help.There have been several foreclosures in their area, where many pigs have been left behind. The number of homeless pigs now total about 100. They are collecting donations on behalf of the Apple Valley foreclosure (25 pigs) and the French Valley foreclosure (16 pigs). In addition to the foreclosures they also managed to rescue some abused pigs from a "backyard breeder" (20 pigs - ALL female, most pregnant). And then there are also pigs that they rescued from the Elsinore Animal Shelter (2 female pigs - both pregnant). Additionally they have just discovered a home where there are 50 pigs, and they are only zoned for 20. Unfortunately SCAMPP does not have the funds or the property to house large numbers of pigs such as these. They are in desperate need of donations to help with feed, veterinarian needs, housing needs and they also need help to find adoptive homes for these pigs. Some are already being temporarily fostered, but they cannot be kept at these places for any length of time. They have lots of baby piglets too, so if anyone can help them out with a home, please contact them. Any donations can be made via Paypal on the SCAMPP website or mailed to; SCAMPP, 8304 Limonite Ave, Suite D-Box 21, Riverside, CA 92509. If donations are to be earmarked for a specific group of pigs, please designate which particular rescue effort you wish your donation to be disburse to.Be assured that 100% of all donations received will go to these rescue efforts!!!

In a related note, our own Pigatopia is donating 2 of her wonderful watercolor paintings to SCAMPP to help pay for the care of the pigs in need. Her paintings will be raffled off at SCAMPP's next meeting! WooHoo Shannon! Way to oink it forward!

*The Carolinas Jack Russel Group will be holding their annual fundraiser, a JRTCA sanctioned trial, on May 2 and 3 in Sumter, South Carolina. They are expecting approximately 350 entries in the show and will be having a raffle fund-raiser on May 2 at the trial site.
All proceeds from the raffle will go to benefit the Carolinas Jack Russell Rescue. Their organization helps displaced and abused dogs, and they are in need of product donations for this raffle. Please visit them at for more info.

*It's Meow or Never is holding an auction in May and is also requesting product donations for this event. Please visit their website at for more details

*Muttville, a non profit charity out of San FranCisco which helps senior dogs is in need of your help for its 6/13/09 fundraiser. They are looking for individual or groups that would be willing to donate $100 cash to sponsor the event, and in turn they will be advertised as sponsors. If you can't afford to help that way, they are also in need of items that they can use for their for raffle that night. You can read more about the event at or

*The Greyhound Pets of America, Tampa Bay Chapter is asking for donations of items that they can raffle and auction off at various events during the year to support their care and placement of retired racing dogs. If you have something that you'd like to donate please check out their website

*The World Society for the protection of animals has sent out an urgent request for people to sign a petition to stop the authorities on the island of Bali, Indonesia, from killing dogs in a knee-jerk reaction to six suspected human rabies fatalities. The government there has begun culling dogs in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease. So far they have killed over 1,000 dogs, many being poisoned with strychnine, which leaves the animals fully conscious while they suffer convulsions and eventually suffocate.

As a tourist hot spot Bali cannot afford to lose its 'rabies-free' status. However, the Balinese government's response to this suspected outbreak is ineffective as well as inhumane - a dog cull does not attack the root cause of the disease and cannot safeguard human health. You are being asked to sign an online letter to the Balinese governor, asking him to end the cull and adopt a humane approach to rabies prevention that will protect both animals and people. If this moves you please visit

*Virtually every city in the USA has an animal control place that kills their collected
animals each week. Few, if any of these take the time, because of funds, to try and get these animals adopted. If you have ANY time to visit and take pictures, you can hook up with petfinders and post those pictures and maybe save an animal from needless destruction! Think about it, you can make a HUGE difference!

*Vehicle Donation If you have a vehicle to donate, please click on Emergency Animal Disaster Services Foundation

Don't forget to visit our web site at for the store, interesting stories, and lots of information, as well as a special member area!

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