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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A BeWitching Find

So, I'm on one of my clicking sprees as usual. A cute little something catches my eye and I click again. All my clicking leads me to discover JooSweetie's awesome shop.

How absolutely adorable are those magnets??? (Oh yes... those will be coming to live with Witchy very soon.)

Think you'll just take a quick look? Ha! A little peek into her shop and you will feel compelled to see everything all the way to the last page. I know... I've been there! In fact I'm still kind of lost in her shop as I write this. I keep finding some little detail I missed the first go around.

The creative mind behind JooSweetie is a stay home mom with a background in graphic design. She has also found a passion for textile crafts. She says that her shop is "a result from my love of creativity, joy of motherhood and a means of keeping my occasional insanity of raising a growing baby boy."

Any item from JooSweetie is bound to bring a smile to your face. I especially adore her assortment of tissue holders! I think I'd find a sniffly nose much more bearable with one of those cuties.

I discovered this shop while browsing around Artfire (sometimes I find stuff I didn't know I needed while browsing) but also found out (from my super sleuth skills... aka her Market Hub) that she is also on Etsy and can also be found on Flickr. Checking out JooSweetie at all three locations is highly recommended! Get lost in her world for awhile :)

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